Miss VIP Limo

Our Miss VIP Limo options

We now have two Miss VIP Limo options which take place in our beautifully decorated boutique.

Miss VIP Limo

All packages include:

  • 2 hour party
  • Party games
  • Nails painted
  • 7 guests including the birthday girl
  • Hair braided and styled

Option 1: Makeover


White limousine

Mini make up (lip-gloss,eye-shadow & mascara)

Wine glasses filled with something pink

One hour limo cruise (to or from the boutique included)

Access to our prop box and dance machine

Option 2: Spa


White limousine

Spa robes to wear during the party

Group facials with cucumbers

Mini pedicures with foot spa and slippers

Pink lemonade in wine glasses

Chocolate fountain with marshmallow

Would you like to invite more than 7 guests?

For a cost of £549.95 you can invite 12 guests and enjoy a one hour limousine ride in a white 4×4 excursion, this is based on our makeover option. For party add ons including hair dazzles, chocolate fountain, gift bags and mini buffet, please see our extras page.

Please note the limousine is provided by a third party company and ‘we’ at Be Fabulous Boutique take no responsibility for them. An extra surcharge may apply for locations more than 10 miles from the boutique.