Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to include the birthday girl in the guests numbers?

Answer: Yes, If the package is showing as 7,this would breakdown as  BIRTHDAY GIRL + 6 GUESTS

 How many  party hostesses will be present during the event?

Answer: There is usually 2 hostesses to assist with each party.

Will there be an additional charge for 2 guest of honour?

Answer: Yes, there will be an additional fee. please see Book now page for cost

What if it rains on my date?

Answer: We will be there rain, sleet, or snow.

Will the bus stay stationary while the party is going on?

Answer: Yes ,The bus will be parked throughout the entire party.

Is there anything that I need to do before you come?

Answer: Yes, we request that ALL polish be removed from hands  in order not to delay the party running .

Also please ensure all the party guests arrival on time for the party..

Will the girls have time to eat/drink while receiving spa services?

Answer: We recommend the girls eat before or after to insure the party runs on time and they don’t mess up their make up and Nail polish.

If We wanted refreshments provided what are the options?

A, We offer a light snacks (Crips,Popcorns,biscuits + cakes ) and drink refreshments (pink lemonade + Water)

B, You can provide snacks and drink – Small fee of £10 for clean up will be applied

What if I paid for additional guests but they don’t show up?

Answer: I’m Afraid no refunds will be given for No shows or reduce guests

Are parents allowed to stay on the bus during the party?

Answer: We are afraid No, parents are not able to stay on the bus throughout the duration of the party due to limited space. However, parents are welcome to come on and off the bus during the party to take pictures and video during the party

Are printable invitations available ?

Yes, please click here Spa party invitation   Crafty & Disco invitation party

**Parking **

It’s important there is suitable parking for the Spa bus, The bus is 22 Foot long and 8 foot wide- The bus requires a flat ground and at least 3 car park spaces

It is the party organiser’s responsibility to arrange this prior to the event.

The first 5 miles of travel are included in your package. Out of area bookings will incur £40 fee. Subject to location –
We do cover  some parts of Essex subject to an out of area fee of £100 (This is to cover Dartford crossing for 2x vehicles, additional petrol and diesel, Ulez fee and additional travel time)
Party participations waivers are 100% required and must be signed by the parent/guardian for each guest. Guests will NOT be allowed on  Spa Party Bus if we do not have these documents signed and completed prior to the party.
If your party needs to be cancelled, you must notify us 72 hours prior to your reservation to be eligible for a reschedule. You will be offered the opportunity to reschedule, according to our availability. All deposits are non-refundable