Please see below some of our frequently asked questions please contact us if you have any further questions.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances which are outside of our control (i.e breakdowns)

we reserve the right to offer a full refund or an alternative date and/or time.

We will always aim to inform the party organiser of any changes ASAP.

How do I pay for my party?

Payment can be paid by Paypal or bank transfer

How much is the deposit?

The deposit starts from £80 – Balance is due 7 days before

Is my deposit refundable and transferable?

Afraid not the deposit is to secure your chosen party slot and if cancelled we would be more than happy to help you secure a new date – Subject to availability but if the alternative date is not acceptable,the deposit will  remain non refundable

Provisional bookings

Due to demand for our parties and the limited slots we have. We are unable to provisionally book people in, we recommend waiting until you are ready to secure your party and then call or email us.

When is my balance due?

All balances must be paid 7 days before your party, once paid no amendments i.e. reduce the number of guests will be possible. If you would like to add extra guests to your party we are more than happy to try and accommodate but we would need to know at least 14 days in advance to make sure we can prepare

Is food provided?

We recommend the girls eat before or after to insure the party runs on time and they don’t mess up their make up and Nail polish.

This is Due to the limited time in our fabulous spa party bus.

Can I bring in a cake?

Of course But the cutting and eating of the cake must take place off the bus

Are gift bags provided?

Gift bags aren’t provided in the cost of the parties but we do have party bags to sell from £8.95 – Please see Be Fabulous Party Extras

How many hosts will be working on the day?

Small parties i.e.  2 to 4 guests (minimum 1 to 2 hosts)

Large Parties i.e.  6-8 (minimum 2 hosts)

Can the guest board the party bus before the start time?

Due to the turn around/clean up periods between parties we would like guests to arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before their allocated time slot.

What if we arrive late for the party?

If you arrive late for your party slot we will only be able to honor the remaining time of your party slot and no longer, this is due to having other parties booked in after.

Are we able to stay past our time slot?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. It’s important that the guests arrive on time to enjoy the full Snazzy spa bus party experience, It’s also important the guests parents are aware of the finishing time of the party as nobody likes to be the last one left at the end of the party.

Are parents allowed to stay at the parties?

We are afraid No, parents are not able to stay on the bus throughout the duration of the party due to limited space. However, parents are welcome to come on and off the bus during the party to take pictures and video during the party


It’s important there is suitable parking for the Spa bus, The bus is 22 Foot long and 8 foot wide- The bus requires a flat ground and at least 3 car park spaces

It is the party organiser’s responsibility to arrange this prior to the event.

The first 5 miles of travel are included in your package. Locations that exceed a 5 miles radius from Se6   will be charged an additional £40 out of area fee.up to an maximum 10 miles. I’m afraid we don’t travel to north of the river

Will the bus stay stationary during the party ?

Yes ,The bus will be parked throughout the entire party.

Is the birthday girl included in the 6 guests?

Yes, birthday girl is included the party number

What if it rains on my date?

YES we will be there rain, sleet, or snow